Was aiming for v0.01 but I'm now rewriting the last 2 scenes because I wasn't happy with them. v0.01 will be the end of the prologue(Meeting the girls). I've decided to release the game early access for free up until v0.01. It'll be completed by this time next Friday and then it's a 2 week wait for public release. Gold edition(The way it was meant to be) will continue to only be available for gold and platinum subscribers but will be released bi-weekly rather than weekly


New scene with Maddison and a scene with all the girls at home - I redesigned the GUI which took me ages so I hope you like the changes to the look of the game - Added a music track from bensounds.com - Fixed spelling errors and punctuation - Changed some dialogue - Also fixed the scene when you decided to leave the bathroom.


Appreciate the support



DDL-0.008-mac Play in browser
Aug 26, 2021
DDL-0.008-linux/pc 126 MB
Aug 26, 2021

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the game is interesting, but the MC's daughters seem to be between 10 and 15 years old and with huge and disproportionate tits, as if they were 30 years old.

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I was going for a more cartoony anime look when I designed the girls. So sounds like I nailed it cause thats exactly how I'd describe 90% of the girls in anime.

If you want to make an anime game, make and don't mix it with other types of games.

In the anime games, the grandmother, the mother, the daughter and the granddaughter are all 20 years old and big tits and all with a 5 year old pussy

That's why I don't play, anime games

A game is good when the human characters are as realistic as possible.

I like big tits, but we have to be a little smart to know the context, and where to put big tits

Depends if you want something different or more of the same. I went for something different visually  it’s not like my story is breaking any new ground haha